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Publishing activities in Samara State University is carried out since 1974.
Publishing house Samara University is specialized on publication of the courseware and scientific literature that is necessary for support of academic activities and scientific processes of university. The subject matter is different: from mathematics to literature studies and law practically all areas of modern scientific knowledge. Much attention is paid to the publication of monographs on the subjects of thesis research.

Publishing house publishes 10 scientific journals on different subject areas. Journals Vestnik of Samara State University Physics of wave processes and radio technical systems are included by the Higher Attestation Commission (VAK) in the list of leading scientific magazines and editions, published in the Russian Federation, where basic scientific results of Candidates and Doctoral theses should be published. Journal Heuristic algorithms and distributed computing is created in 2014 . and appears in the electronic form, in 2015 appeared electronic journal in English Applied discrete mathematics and heuristic algorithms. In 2012 Vestnik of young scientists and specialists of Samara State University was founded, and in 2015 two more scientific journals: Juridical journal of Samara State University, Mathematics, economics and management were founded.

In the publishing house Samara University were also realized 3 unique in scale, novelty and value international projects translation into Russian and publishing of monograph by A. Whitehead and B. Russell Foundations of mathematics (Principia Mathematica) in 3 Volumes, translation into Russian and publication of a textbook by Bruno Kolb Gas chromatography with examples and illustrations, translation into Russian and publication of terminological dictionary of Beneke H., Andronchev I., Bakalov A. Corrosion and anticorrosion protection; series were published: Professors of Samara University, War, education, science; new projects carried out on the history of Russia: Acquisition of the native land: society and power in Middle Volga Region (second half of the XVI beginning of the XX centuries) in 2 books, monograph Z.M. Kobozeva Bourgeois class of Samara city in the space of powers and everyday life (second half of the XIX beginning of the XX century), or Story about ?soul with servitudes? (grant of the department of culture of an urban district of Samara).

Publishing house Samara University took part in international book fairs in Frankfurt on the Main (2003) and in Paris (2005). Publishing activities of Samara State University became an integral part of development of domestic higher education, science and culture.

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